FWS600 Food Waste Strainer


Designed to reduce food waste particles from entering the drainage system via the sink drain boss.


The unique, adjustable cover plates allow the system to be fitted to bowls with the drain waste on the left or on the right of the sink bowl.

Raised angle of front end aids the rinsing of food particles into the food waste basket ready for emptying.

Removable basket allows trapped food waste to be easily emptied into the bin – leaving no mess left in the sink bowl to deal with.

Easy to remove and replace the whole system, to allow periodic cleaning through the dishwasher.

Reducing the amount of food waste entering the drain will help to prolong service intervals for Grease Traps.

Sink plug upstand can be supplied and is available in two sizes (250mm or 300mm long) which will fit a standard 1 1/2 inch (40mm) waste (for the system to work efficiently, an upstand is required).