HMB 75 - DeMachinist - Rotterdam (Netherland)

05_demachinistDeMachinist restaurant, located in the Lloyd district in Rotterdam (Netherlands), has an interior room decorated with old fishing elements and a sunny terrace at the rear with stunning views of the Schie river.

It makes up part of a building that from 1940 to 2005 was an engineering school, and nowadays, apart from the cafeteria and restaurant comprises different rooms for a variety of activities such as office rental, a pub, a cinema, a venue for live shows and so on.

The chef and owner Marcel Beijerling is committed to an organic cuisine with fresh, seasonal and local products to be added as an integral part of a menu with a wide selection of starters, main courses and desserts.

The red HMB 75 Mibrasa oven is at the center of its open kitchen with which they grill a select choice of meat, fish and vegetables.

"The Mibrasa oven is perfect for us because it allows us to create all kinds of dishes enhancing the flavors of all foods and achieving a unique aroma. That is why the Mibrasa oven is the core of our kitchen, running throughout the day at full speed!"- says Chef Marcel Beijerling.

Click on the following link to see an interview carried out by the program XL "Netherlands tastes" Dutch television program RTL with Chef Marcel, where he introduces his restaurant and his HMB 75 Mibrasa oven.

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HMB Mini - Paco Pérez Miramar 2* Michelin - Llançà (Spain)

0001_mibrasa_rest-miramarInternationally renowned restaurant Paco Pérez Miramar holds 2 Michelin stars and is located in Llança, a beautiful coastal town on the Costa Brava.

The Mibrasa Mini was recently installed in the Miramar kitchen, contributing to a sensational tasting menu comprising a formidable 30 dishes. Miramar strives to respect traditional and locally sourced products, entering new realms of innovation and paving the way in avant-garde cuisine.

“We cook what inspires us, with soul, as we think this is the best we can offer our guests” - Paco Pérez defining Miramar’s cooking style.

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HMB AB-SB 75 - 1 Michelin Star Esperanto - Sztokholm (Sweden)

mibrasa_esperanto_chef_2Lead by acclaimed Swedish chef Sayan Isaksson, 1 Michelin star restaurant Esperanto is listed in The World's The World's 50 Best Restaurants and has been awarded 'Best restaurant in Sweden 2014', for the second year in a row, (ranked by White Guide).

Food served at Esperanto is described to have a penchant for the timeless, playful and innovative, resting on a foundation of classical cooking inspired from all around the world.

Mibrasa has become a key member of chef Isaksson's kitchen; igniting a partnership where both parties share the same vision to kindle and awaken their customer's culinary experiences.

"We want to appeal to all the senses. With Mibrasa we get another dimension to our gastronomic language." – Sayan Isaksson

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HMB SB 110 - The Social Kitchen - New Plymouth (New Zeland)

mibrasa_social_kitchen_001The Social Kitchen is located in New Zealand’s north island city of New Plymouth. On entering the bistro, find yourself engulfed in its snug environment embraced by both rustic and chic décor.

To add to the homely atmosphere, the restaurant floor shares its space with an open kitchen, showcasing the Mibrasa HMB SB 110 where an array of eclectic dishes are cooked using locally sourced ingredients from the north island regions.

“The use of a Mibrasa charcoal oven allows our chefs the ability to cook with authenticity which retains the natural flavours.” – Social Kitchen

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HMB AB-SB 110 - Fümé - Dubai (UAE)

mibrasa_fume_01aDescribed as a neighbourhood eatery, Fümé is a friendly and laid-back restaurant set in Dubai Marina.

Fümé, meaning to smoke, is not the only cooking method this restaurant boasts in their menu, incorporating new and rarely used techniques such as pickling, preserving, hot and cold smoking, curing and braising to cook meats and fish. Such experimental approaches allow the restaurant to branch across global cuisines whilst keeping the dishes humble and wholesome.

It only makes sense that Fümé’s kitchen has a MIBRASA HMB AB-SB 110 installed, contributing to their search in bringing out new flavours from quality food products.

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Photography by Heather Chuter


HMB AB SB 110 - Deins - Hannover (Germany)

Deins restaurant is located in the lobby of the newly renovated Congress Hotel am Stadpark in Hannover.

The style of the restaurant’s interior uses a mix of materials of wood, glass and steel giving a very modern industrial character. This unique concept works seamlessly into their menu where their MIBRASA AB SB  110 serves up grilled meat and fish specialities.

Deins' environment gives off an earthy and laid back feel, where diners are guaranteed top-quality meals enjoyed with a glass from their wide selection of wines and cocktails.

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HMB 75 - Hadskis - Belfast (Nothern Ireland)

1Run by two Northern Irish men, Hadskis is a stylish and classic restaurant in the heart of Belfast’s vibrant Cathedral quarter.

The restaurant floor features an open kitchen, where diners can have a first-look at their food emerging from the MIBRASA HMB 75 silver oven. Charcoal grilled rib-eye and lamb neck fillet are but to name a few superbly prepared dishes to leave the Mibrasa-Hadski kitchen. The bar has a global wine and cocktail list to suitably accompany their eclectic menu.

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HMB 75 - Sir Catering - Drongen (Belgium)

w001Jasper and Tim form a dynamic duo offering custom-made private catering events. Passionate in high standard cuisine for a range of catering-concepts, the team focuses on the needs of their customers; tailoring to each budget, location and seasonal products of the highest quality.

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HMB AB SB 75 - Agua - Ciutadella de Menorca (Spain)

0001webRestaurant Agua, nestled within the charming walls of Can Faustino hotel, is located in the heart of Ciutadella de Menorca’s historic centre. Renowned for its cuisine where ingredient is key, the restaurant is lead by chef Víctor Corchado, who came to the island after working in various well known restaurants such as Atrio with 2 Michelin stars.

The kitchen is installed with an inox Mibrasa HMB AB-SB 75 playing a key role in Corchado’s cooking. Aqua prides itself in the freshness of locally sourced ingredients maintaining their original flavours to deliver a final product of the utmost quality.

Mibrasa is thrilled to work alongside the Agua restaurant team.

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