We provide eight models of LFC Bio-Digesters with varying capacities. With this range of bio-digesters, one size is bound to fit your needs.

Power Knot models


The amount of food that can be digested depends on the type of food, the frequency with which it is added to the LFC, and the duration of the working day. The rated capacity of an LFC is based on a mixture of raw and cooked food as may be found in a typical restaurant added over a 12 hour to 16 hour working day. The upper capacities in the table below assume that you add waste food over a 24 hour day. Cooked rice, pasta, or bread are some of the foods that are rapidly digested and if added in equal portions throughout the day then the capacities can be more than nominal.

The LFC is usually installed inside the area where the food is prepared or it can be placed outside under a suitable protective cover. The machine has castors so it can be rolled into position. The feet on the load cells are then lowered onto the supplied rubber pads that help to reduce vibrations and noise.

The LFC requires hot and cold water input and a 1¼” to 3” drain out (depending on model). It also requires an electrical supply.



Digests 20-35 kg (45-80 lbs) of waste food per day.


Digests 50-90 kg (110-200 lbs) of waste food per day.

Digests 70-125 kg (150-280 lbs) of waste food per day.

Digests 100-180 kg (220-400 lbs) of waste food per day.

Digests 200-360 kg (440-800 lbs) of waste food per day.

Digests 300-540 kg (660-1200 lbs) of waste food per day.

Digests 500-900 kg (1100-2000 lbs) of waste food per day.

LFC-20 LFC-50 LFC-70 LFC-100 LFC-200 LFC-300 LFC-500 LFC-1000
Capacity per day 20-35 kg 50-90 kg 70-125 kg 100-180 kg 200-360 kg 300-540 kg 500-900 kg 1000-1800 kg
Size (W x D x H), cm 56 x 49 x 73 87 x 68 x 101 95 x 72 x 108 115 x 75 x 111 148 x 81 x 127 154 x 105 x 149 190 x 120 x 162 260 x 141 x 174
Weight 80 kg 168 kg 220 kg 247 kg 350 kg 520 kg 818 kg 1250 kg
Electrical supply
230 V, 50 Hz, 15 A, single phase
400 V, 50 Hz, 15 A, 3-phase
Maximum power 0.2 kW 0.6 kW 0.6 kW 1.1 kW 1.1 kW 2.0 kW 2.8 kW 4.5 kW
Energy per day 2.3 kWh 3.9 kWh 3.9 kWh 6.2 kWh 6.2 kWh 11 kWh 13 kWh 24 kWh
Water per day 55 litres 150 litres 190 litres 250 litres 530 litres 800 litres 1200 litres 1900 litres